New Year, New Guru!

New Year, New Guru! Hello from the new “us”… 

People have been saying that 2021 is just 2020 with bangs. And let me tell you, I’ve definitely cut my bangs before, thinking “wow whole new me!” only to realize I’m still the same just with bangs.

Metaphorically speaking, Guru has in fact cut its bangs, and pierced its nose, and took up a new hobby, and started working out, and eating healthier, and reading more. Yes, we are a whole new Guru, for real. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought up serious change within the museum field. Museums have closed, priorities have changed, budgets cut. The vendors who serve these institutions have been impacted equally alongside. Clients lost, projects cancelled, exhibitions postponed indefinitely.


Through all this, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And with great upheaval comes the opportunity for great change and progress. Digital has become more important than ever. There’s been ‘musical chairs’ of employees and positions within our industry. Audiences are consuming a ton of content at home, and not in only the most traditional sense. 

Guru is no exception to these changes. 

We have a new CEO in Suzie Dergham, an expanded platform with features that go beyond the simple audio tour, and clients that have been willing to get creative and experiment with new content delivery to visitors at home (#MuseumsFromHome).

We have shifted to become more expandable, more agile, simpler and more affordable to partner with; not to mention we’ve gained expertise from a new team of industry experts to help us forge ahead into 2021 and beyond. 

We are SO EXCITED to be introducing the New Guru, bangs and all! What has your cultural site done throughout the course of the past year, just a haircut? Or is there also a whole new you too?

Watch this space for MORE UPDATES!


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