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The industry’s most flexible and only cloud-based content management portal.

Make changes in real time, see data live. 


Our team has developed a cloud-based platform so that you can access our CMS from anywhere in the world using an internet browser. This means your staff can update app content anytime using our CMS and immediately publish an unlimited amount of content to your app. No more waiting on app store approvals for a simple change to take effect.

The intuitive User Interface (UI) has Drag-and-Drop functionality making it easy to use for any level of tech expertise. Being cloud-based also allows for unlimited storage of text, imagery, video, audio, live cams, augmented reality and virtual reality. You can control your events calendar, push notifications, news, coupons generated by the app, tour times and special exhibits in real time with just a push of a button.


Know. Strategize. Save. Imagine what really knowing your visitors can mean for you and your team. With our platform-powered data, you not only get access to in-depth demographics, but behavior patterns, preferences, and more. Easily sort data by timeframes to take a look at seasonal trends, and trends over time. Export your data to integrate into your other data systems. Share your app performance data to defend your budgets, or get donors excited to be involved.

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A Partnership Approach

We do not see ourselves as a vendor, but rather a partner in helping you create your unique digital visitor experience. Our team becomes an extension of yours as we create memorable visitor experiences. We do not set up, then run, nor do we operate as an inaccessible island. We listen and iterate our approach throughout every stage of our relationship in order to provide you with the support necessary for success. Our best ideas come from listening to our partners, aligning our interests and taking the time to understand your unique challenges and goals. Our partners regularly interact directly with our team in order to ensure an attentive, responsive and personal working relationship.


Story First

We love technology. We also recognize it is not a magic bullet. It is a tool. Used correctly, the tool can provide a deeper layer of learning and limitless capacity for content, sharing and giving. Most importantly, technology can create opportunities to increase revenue, drive efficiency, and improve inclusivity and accessibility.


Innovation Always

Our team is never satisfied. We are obsessed with improving every aspect of our brand and platform. Every day, we find opportunities to innovate and evolve. Whether it’s fine-tuning our processes, building new integrations, or offering new content mediums, we see everything we do in a constant evolution. Our partners can rest easy knowing that our team not only considers what is most effective today, but how any given project approach could evolve trends and technologies of the future. 


ROI Obsessed

Our ingenuity extends beyond technology and storytelling. We are in a never-ending quest to discover our partners’ untapped revenue sources, boost existing revenue streams, and minimize their expenses. Financial returns are just one aspect of what we consider ROI, however. Maybe you want to deepen and personalize the relationship with your visitors. Perhaps you want to highlight your conservation efforts by eliminating the need for paper maps and handouts. Or maybe you want a more efficient way to gather audience insight. We position our partnerships as an investment with returns on many fronts, for a holistic guide solution that can address the needs and goals of every museum department.


We look forward to hearing from you and are excited to be of assistance. 
 Feel free to reach out to say hi, ask questions, or request a demo!


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